Friday, December 27, 2013

LED Music Stand Light: Light Weight and Compact LED lighting

Certain Way - LED Music Stand Light - Black Only - Clip On Compact and Portable light for Music Stands or Book Light - Illuminate Your Music in the Orchestra Pit or Reading Your Kindle - Small Dual LED light - AAA Battery or AC Powered - 2yr Replacement Guarantee

This amazing, compact LED light can be used for a range of different situations.
Dimly lite Orchestra Pits and Venues, this light clips on easily to your music stand.
The two LED light heads can be adjusted perfectly to suite your lighting needs.

There is a 4 stage light setting with just the touch of a button. You can have one light or 4 lights on depending on your situation. The Lighting unit runs on 3 AAA batteries with very low power consumption, lasting you up to 20 hours. Easily covering your latest gig. 

The fantastic Music Stand Lamp also comes with a USB cord to maybe plug into your laptop or an added bonus of an AC adaptor. Iliminating the chance of loosing your lighting during your perormance.
There is also a 2 year Hassle Free replacement Warranty on this little beauty. Taking away any concerns you may have.

Trying to read your latest novel in bed, trying not to disturb your partner with bright lights?
This is the perfect answer to your problem. Clip this to your ereader or novel, chose which lighting level is less offensive to your partner, and read away until your hearts content.

  • Bonus AC Adaptor and USB Cord
  • Compact and Light weight LED Clip On Light
  • Dual Head LED Lighting with Flexible Arms
  • Versatile LED Lighting for Music Stands - Books - eReaders - Crafts - Camping
  • Portable AAA Battery Powered - (Batteries Not Included)
The Amazing thing with this product is, if you order 2 or more you get free shipping in the United States!
Any orders over $35 gives you free shipping in the US.

So don't get caught out at your next gig or Orchestra performance, read your book when you want without disturbing anyone else, or just have this compact light available for your next camping trip. Don't struggle with light when trying to do your craft work. 
All you have to do is click the link below to secure your very own LED Light.